A good tagline can be the most compelling way to quickly summarize the promise of a brand. The tagline must be honest, but being honest is not enough. It must be crisp, clear and memorable. It should lodge in mind and make you think. It should be the coda of any add. Here are some samples:

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"We know what you're hungry for." was developed for all areas of Kraft Foods. It reflects Kraft's extraordinary understanding of what their customers want most.

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"It's your turn to drive." was developed for internal and external employee communications and recruitment. It was presented to Nissan's Marketing and HR directors and approved on the spot. "It's your turn to drive." reflects the great level of responsibility and independence enjoyed by employees of Nissan.


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"The cakes you hate to cut." was developed by listening the client's customers. As the writer, I had the opportunity to attend a number of events featuring Jimmy Cakes and heard many times everyone's reluctance to take a knife to Jimmy's dazzling creations.

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"Don't be afraid to be great." was presented to UCLA in 2004 and is still in use today. It was created to encourage the professional medical community to consider careers with UCLA, overcoming any intimidation UCLA's reputation for excellence sometimes engendered.


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Childrens Hospital Los Angeles is one of the nation's leading pediatric hospitals, with the ability to attract nurses from all over the United States. "A lift is about to change." was the tagline for the campaign attract nurses nationwide to Los Angeles.




Childrens Hospital Los Angeles: A life is about to change.

Jack in the Box: Let your Jack out.

Universal Studios: It’s a big universe. Where do you fit in?



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